About Us

My dream was to own horses and that dream finally came true 7 years ago. I have always thought they were amazing creatures. Little did I know how much work and knowledge was involved. I bought my first horse without learning about them first; I did not know anything. I honestly thought it was like taking care of a dog, you just could ride them. I went through a lot with my first horse, I was bucked, rubbed off on fences, bolted with, bit, trampled, taken advantage of and ended up with a fractured foot. I didn’t realize it was me, I thought I had a nasty horse and to an extent I did. I tried to figure out what was so wrong with this situation. I was to the point where I didn’t want nothing to do with them if they all acted like he did. I begin to realize I needed to learn and research as much as I could. When I started looking for help, I finally found a man that I thought was amazing. He had a clinic, I went, I learned and I realized that it was me, that I was the issue, and it gave me a whole new outlook on horses. Oh my road to learning, I found a lady that ran a boarding facility at one time, now retired, but however she was the reason for my continued success. She taught me how to ride, how to understand horses, and so much more. She taught me the best thing of all, confidence. She believed in me when I didn’t think I could do it. She knew I could do something before I did, how amazing was that? She even sold me my perfect match; which was a horse that understood me so much and never scared me. It was so amazing to ride a horse that stopped when you wanted her to, back up when you wanted her to, and to go where you wanted her to. Skippy was the horse and is now passed away. This was the best mare that I have ever owned. I miss her very much and think of her every day. There has been many times I have thought about closing down my rescue, but Skippy is the one that keeps it open. I know there are many horses out there that need me. The lady that taught me, Jennifer Hinkle, I can never give her what she has gave me today. Skippy, was 100% perfect, she taught me and my children, she made trail riding exciting and I trusted her. There wasn’t a hill this mare couldn’t climb. I trusted her enough to teach my children on her and she has given our family way more than I can ever explain, she was amazing.

Now today my heart goes way farther than just owning them, rescuing them is one of the most important goals in my life; to save as many as I can and get them rehabilitated and into nice homes.

About Me:

I am married and have a wonderful family to support me. I have 7 beautiful kids, I love to write and I am going to school to be a nurse. You can google me to learn more about what I have wrote. I am a published author~ Chastity Weese

You will be truly missed. I love you both and our farm will never be the same with out you both.

In Memory of Rex

I love you Rex and miss you so much. You were the best dog anyone could ever ask for. Thank you for protecting me from the horses and keeping the horses in-line. I will think of you everyday until we meet again. 11/7/93 – 12/22/08 ~15 years old

Owner of Heartfelt Animal Rescue
Chastity Weese-Caudy

What people are saying about us:

To Heartfelt Animal Rescue: “You know people don’t realize what really goes on behind those pound walls, and not all pounds are bad. The pounds and shelters now a days are using gas chambers to put the animals to sleep because its cheaper, not because its more humane, but cheaper. While the animals suffer a slow and painfull death, ramming their heads into the concret walls because they are trying to make the pain stop, and they are trying to climb the walls to get out to breath. It is totaly inhumane!!!! Then you have the people that give a little kindness, care, a place to be sheltered, and food to eat, a person like you. That I know struggles everyday; with your 7 children, getting your home built, dealing with not having some necessities your family needs and you still don’t give up!!! You just keep going for those animals. I have told you time and time again to slow down and stop taking in so many animals because your too stressed, and that you cannot save them all. Just take care of your family and go to school like you’ve always wanted. But something inside you just can’t let go of those poor helpless animals. You just add more and more to your plate, and you always find away to succeed. After looking up what really happends to those poor helpless animals, it has opened my eyes to realize you are my HERO now! You have given me the dream to have a rescue as well one day when I finish school, and buy my own farm. To do my part for the animals I love so dearly. Thank you for caring, when others just don’t see. I will always do what I am able for the animals. Love with all my heart, Mary Ann Fowler, Mount Vernon Ohio”

“Wow, you are really great. Some Breeders are really in it for the money your really in it for love. I have looked at ten horses already and not one owner (including a personal Friend) sounds as truly devoted and loving for their horses as you.” Stephanie Fitch, Ohio

“Not many people find their callings in life and love what they do, But I really think your great at what you do and your horses are great for that reason. Your horses will bring you many compliments along the way.”

“I have to tell you, I am so impressed with what you’ve done. It’s been my dream for a number of years to rescue horses. Being a horse person you know as well as I do how many good horses go to waste; sent to abusive homes, slaughtered, etc. It is so nice to know that there is someone who cares about the well being of the defenseless animals!” Allie Richards, Ohio

~In loving Memory of Skippy~
4/13/1984 – 7/23/08
Skippy was finally laid to rest after fighting a losing battle. She was the sweetest, most kind horse I have ever owned. She taught my kids how to ride, and most of all she gave me the confidence I needed to further my education in horses. Skippy will be missed so much and will never be forgotten. R.I.P Skippy the fight is now over.

Thank You:

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me and the horses who are in need, we may not be able to save every horse, but the ones I do save are very special to me and the ones I do not get a chance to save may God be right there beside them to help them through what-ever they encounter, and hopefully we make it to them in time. Our dog friends are also special to us, thanks to the help of Mistfit Love All Breed Rescue, owner Raylynn Short, we have worked together to save many dogs, if it wasn’t for her support, help with all the medicines, dog houses, and mental help, I do not think I could of rescued as many as we did.

Before buying your first horse it is highly advisable to do the following:

1. Research horses as much as possible

2. Go to a boarding facility or a horse rescue and learn the daily routine

3. Find a vet and learn about the dieases and problems that can arise with horses

4. Find a farrier and learn about their hooves

5. Find a Equine Nutrionist and learn about thier diets

6. Learn how much room a horse needs to live on

7. Learn about right and left brain intervert of the horse

8. Learn how to ride

9. Learn how to stay safe around your horse

10. Learn what type of shoes and gear to wear when riding

11. Learn about the type of fencing they should be in

12. Learn about all the dangers lurking in and around your barn and fields

We also provide FREE EDUCATION to anyone that needs help. We train horses for FREE, and we train children and adults to ride and learn about horses FOR FREE!


“WOW! I wish we had more people like YOU! That is so amazing what all you are doing!!!!” Jenna Deville, Louisiana

Please check out this site for all your pet needs. We will get 10% of your purchase for our rescue horses.